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Free TCPA Case Evaluation Policy


Mr. Petersen routinely discusses potential cases with potential clients in a free telephonic case evaluation.    Mr. Petersen does not delegate this important task to “case managers”, “investigators”, paralegals, secretaries or other non-lawyers.  The  exchange of accurate information is too important.    Sometimes, this means that Mr. Petersen is not available to immediately accept your call but your call will usually be returned promptly (usually that day).


If you are a Florida resident who received robodialed calls on your cell phone, you are welcome to call Mr. Petersen for a free case evaluation.   If you have documents concerning the calls, Mr. Petersen routinely examines such documents without charge to his potential clients as part of the consultation and case evaluation process.

This evaluation analysis includes whether the consumer may already have a TCPA case and, if not, the steps that need to be taken to revoke consent or other likely defenses.  Mr. Petersen enjoys working with his TCPA clients to achieve favorable results.


If a consumer calls Mr. Petersen about any matter other than a TCPA or FDCPA case, Mr. Petersen reserves the discretion to charge for the consultation.   Of course, Mr. Petersen would inform the caller of his intent to charge such clients for a consultation before the caller would incur any financial obligation. Although this is rarely necessary, Mr. Petersen reserves this essential right.

The purpose of any such consultation is to allow Mr. Petersen to evaluate whether the caller’s potential case may be appropriate for further investigation as to whether it may be a suitable case.

If a consumer calls Mr. Petersen about cases that he does not handle, he routinely considers whether to refer them to an attorney, government agency, or other resource when appropriate.

Mr. Petersen does not represent any persons or legal entities in matters which are adverse to the consumer.    Mr. Petersen does not represent debt collectors, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, or other commercial entities.

Mr. Petersen is available to represent professional practices and other small businesses when they wish to enforce their right not to receive junk faxes so long as they do not send blast faxes themselves.

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