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I offer a free case TCPA case evaluation so cell phone users can obtain information and a case evaluation directly from experienced counsel rather than a “case manager”, “investigator”, paralegal or other non-lawyer.

The informational articles on this website provides a general explanation of the TCPA so that consumers can receive the maximum benefit during their initial consultation with a lawyer and make an informed choice when choosing an attorney.   In other words, the information on this site is intended for educational purposes and is not legal advice.

Many consumers feel more comfortable if they have read about the TCPA before they call a lawyer. Other consumers would rather consult with a lawyer after only brief research about their legal issues. Either approach is o.k. as long as you are comfortable with it.

Please do not rely on any website, including this website, as a substitute for obtaining advice from a lawyer. The TCPA is subject to change as technologies change, the Federal Communications Commission issues rules and TCPA Orders, and the growing volume of appeals challenging the FCC’s rules and orders, Although I have tried to sort through and separate the issues in cell phone, junk fax, and telemarketing cases, the overlapping rules and court decisions are more reliably discussed with an attorney – much more reliably. The facts of each TCPA and FDCPA case are unique.

If we enter into a written contract for representation (i.e, an “Authority to Represent”), then I represent you. Until we have entered into a written contract, the information that you provide to me will be held in confidence but I am not your attorney.

Finally, nothing in this communication (including any endorsements or testimonials) should be construed as a guarantee, warranty, or prediction about the outcome of any legal matter. No attorney can guarantee that a client will prevail or the amount of any recovery.

(C) 2017 – 2021  Donald E. Petersen

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